New Pebble Tile Blends Just Released to create Community for that Hottest in Modern Design

An exciting and eclectic new series of pebble tile blends just been released for sale for pebble floors and walls. Using the most widely used pebble colors, these distinctive blends are fantastic for pebble flooring, kitchen tile and toilet tile.

pebble floors


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Ubud Blend Pebble Tile

Ubud Blend Pebble Tile

PRLog (Pr release) - Nov. 1, 2012 - San Diego, California -- After a period of dealing with top designers and architects who concentrate on working with pebble tile, Gemstone Outlet has generated 5 exciting new pebble tile blends. Formulated from other most engaging and finest selling colors series, the blends are defining the vogue pallets of today's design. They've got developed these gorgeous styles specifically for design professionals trying to find exotic and enticing modern elements.

pebble floors

With engaging names in the unique islands of Indonesian, where these stones are mined by local artisans, names like Kandui and Timor evoke images of sandy beaches, swaying palms and luxury accommodations fronting azure waters. Which is certainly appropriate, as these pebble tiles are definitely the kinds of finishes you realized to find in exotic boutique hotels at desirable venues like Hawaii, the Caribbean or Tahiti. In fact, many fine hotels like Starwood purchased pebble flooring for venues like their Westin Kaanapali Resort Villages or their Sheraton Rum Fire in Waikiki.

These exciting new blends join and already vibrant lineup of pebble tiles which are meticulously produced by local by local artisans. Premium pebbles are sourced from local family owned quarries on various islands from Indonesia and delivered to Bali. The pebbles are sorted for color, size and thickness then puzzled right into a interlocking patterns. It's wise a uniform tile that after installed creates a seamless field of pebbles which is smooth and level simply to walk.

Commercially, pebble tiles have been used from foyers to feature walls and in fine restaurants to relaxing exotic spa facilities. For homeowners seeking to gentrify a tired property, the pebble tile blends give you a great possibility to incorporate new interior planning finishes which can be natural and organic, environment friendly, exotic, modern and serene.

Made for capturing a tropical, beachside ambiance and providing the warmth of natural stones for classic craftsman or mountain rustic homes, the pebble finishes definitely make an appealing visual statement. These tiles are perfect for a stunning feature wall, dramatic backsplash, a distinctive shower pan and adding a dynamic little exotic color. Fresh in the tropics, pebble tiles will be the newest and freshest in design inspirations and so are sure to provide a "Wow" in almost any project.

Available initially for any limited release because the company builds their California and Florida based inventories, a spokesperson says they have generous stock of the Pebble Tile Blends for sampling and should be capable of accommodate all orders immediately.


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